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My Inquiry – Nov 23

As I had previously mentioned, I am working on an inquiry for another class that is focused on the advantages of the new library learning commons model that is seen in schools currently.

I thought I would share my presentation here as well as it supports this inquiry and the need for this space in all schools.

Prezi: Library Learning Commons

The process of speaking with several professionals and observing this space in person helped my understanding and also sparked more interest in this area.

We presented our inquiries in small groups over zoom and I was excited to learn about the other areas people were exploring, this included things like “Decolonizing Education”, ” English Language Learners” and “Supporting a Growth Mindset in the Classroom”.

All of these areas were so interesting and I find myself excited to continue learning about these areas.

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Presentations: Learning about Fresh Grade

Today, Nathan, Kiana, Emily and I all shared our technology resource presentations.

Kiana and Emily showed us all about Fresh Grade. I had previously heard about it but didn’t realize that this platform was local. 

Fresh Grade is really interesting. It is a great resource for helping teachers keep track of student progress and it can be used to collaborate with parents. I think that by looking into resources like this it can help with the overwhelming stacks of papers teachers deal with.


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Technology Resource: Ted Ed in the Classroom

My partner Nathan and I wanted to look at the Pros & Cons of Ted Ed in the Classroom as our technology resource project. 

I loved Ted Talks previously and they had been used in some of my classes but I was not familiar with Ted Ed. This resource is specifically designed for teachers and offers a wide variety of topics that can help introduce new ideas to students. Below please find our Prezi on Ted Ed. 

Pros & Cons of Ted Ed in the Classroom

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Distributed Learning

I really enjoyed today’s class on Distributed Learning. I appreciated the class discussions on the benefits of online learning and the challenges we have been facing.

As busy as this term has been I have had the opportunity to really learn and experience new ways of learning compared to my previous experiences of synchronous learning in-person.

I am interested in the many ways education will be provided to students going forward and I think many future teachers can see that the need for a variety of options in learning will be something that is ever evolving in our careers.


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Getting in the Holiday Spirit: Learning Jingle Bells!

Learning Jingle Bells!

As I start to really learn Jingle Bells it helps me get more and more excited for the upcoming Christmas break.

I think having a festive song did allow me feel some more excitement to practice the ukelele and I felt like when I practiced the ukelele I was catching on to this song a little more quickly then when I had first started playing the instrument. I still find my stress has been high with all of the busyness of school but the time I take to practice has allowed me for a little stress relief.


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Inclusive Education

Today’s class was an awesome opportunity to hear first-hand from a parent whose children face additional challenges in the school system. 

Chantelle Morvay-Adams was able to guide us through her experiences and engage us in questions that really opened my eyes to how big of a role teacher’s play in a students success. 

In my current work I have worked with a children with a variety of needs and in speaking with mentor teacher’s I have heard a little bit of the process and the frustrations that can come when trying to get a child the supports that they need. 

I also have personal connections to this work and I appreciate the advocacy that Chantelle and BCEdAccess have done for children and families. 

Sadly, it feels like a pandemic had to shine light on these issues so that all families could experience the frustrations with lack of technology and support. I hope this will help implement changes in the school system for all learners. 

Chantelle also shared with our class some videos that can help others understand these issues: 

Education is a Human Right       When People See Me Typing

Thank you,


My Inquiry – Nov 16

My personal inquiry has been exploring a variety of educational topics and ideas including inclusivity in the classroom. Through my other class I have been focused on the learning commons model now being implemented in schools and the benefits this has been providing students. 

Today’s talk on inclusive education has brought the connection that teacher librarians often are the technology resource that families and teachers rely on for help when they are given tools for their students. Often, there is no specific knowledge keeper for schools and this can be left to the teacher librarian who may have specific insights to new technology (as they implement this into their classroom). 

I think that this is important for educators to be aware of and understand when coming into schools and this is something that unfortunately is most likely due to budget constraints and the workload of the teaching professionals. 


My Inquiry – Nov 9

I found this awesome Ted Talk on Library Design. I think when trying to think of encouraging students to read we often overlook the design aspects and the importance of creating a space that feels welcoming for students.

Post-Midterm Progress

After filming my midterm video of myself performing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” I was a little disappointed that I was further along in my progress. It can be difficult when you originally have a goal and then realize that you can’t quite get there like you had hoped.

I was grateful for the opportunity to revise my plan and adapt my goal to include playing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Jingle Bells” to my best ability.

This project has reminded me a lot of our teachings on a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset and the importance of training yourself to think of growing and learning and to not give up when struggling.


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